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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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temperatures soared into the 80s. >> we wouldn't typically start seeing stuff like this until the middle of april. >> reporter: the result an early start to the garden state spring wildfire season for members of the new jersey forest fire service. >> the fire behavior itself is increased by the temperatures. we haven't had significant rainfall in almost 10 days. >> reporter: damage caused by wintry weather is making the job more challenging. trees like this are blocking roads through the forest, after they were brought down by heavy snow in january. >> the roads are tight to begin with, sandy, difficult to maneuver. and having all of the snapped off trees in the road hampered our arrival. >> reporter: the blaze has not posed a threat to homes or businesses, the nearest several miles away. it burned about 350 acres before firefighters had it fully contained. in a battle that came unusually early. >> we want everybody to be cautious. >> reporter: the warm weather
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this week also forced the forest fire service to cancel several prescribed burns which of course are aimed at preventing future wild fires. i'm ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." and we're through with this incredibly warm weather but our temperatures are somewhat warm. >> right. dave price from our sister station in new york is here with us. >> our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz should be back monday as he recovers. >> this has been a wonderful time of year, loving this heat but as ted explained, comes with some fire trouble. >> it's not just the heat. it's the winds as well and the humidity. let's look at wind speeds now, in fact. in the teens through much of the area. so that makes fighting this fire and predicting its behavior challenging. let's zoom in closer at this hour. that's closer to calm. but mount holly, talking about 13 miles per hour winds, atlantic city 14 miles per hour
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winds and as the evening progresses into tomorrow the good news is we're going to move more closely to this calm wind situation. that's the good news. however, we have humidity levels which are low now as well. in the 20s and low 30s. now as the weekend progresses, those numbers are going to climb as cloud cover is on the increase, and eventually precipitation comes our way in the form of rain. sunday night into monday. that's good news. for the timing we have to worry about these numbers because the fire fighting is continuing. we'll have your full forecast, we'll look at the weekend for you and take a look at next week as well, also take a look at what could be a sloppy monday morning commute. back to both of you. >> thank you. a congressman's push for cover. u.s. representative chaka fattah's racketeering and fraud trial returned to federal court. this time with new attorneys. they argued many of the charges should be thrown out because of the congressman's legislative immunity. >> george spencer has been following this case and was in
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the courtroom again today. >> reporter: the judge was skeptical of fattah's claims and even questioned whether defense attorneys may simply have been wasting time. the date for this big trial is now looming on may 2, but speaking to the congressman it seems his attention is focused on a different decision day, six days prior. >> a decision that's going to be made on april 26, i'm running for re-election. >> facing 29 racketeering and fraud charges shackby chaka fattah's eye is on his re-election bid as his new defense team tried to use his legislative immunity to dismiss 19 of the counts against him. but the judge called that defense motion, quote, somewhat thin. even saying one could see that it may be filed for purposes of delay. the congressman insists it's all part of the process. >> i know that i ain't just about judgment in this case but
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i think if we get people on the page that we're in a pretrial process. >> reporter: the trial comes a it a difficult moment for fattah, not only does the indictment cloud his re-election campaign the case is being heard by the same judge with the same prosecutors in the same courtroom where his son was just convicted of related charges last fall. chip is now in federal prison awaiting appeals and his father wouldn't talk to us about how he's doing. >> i'm not going to talk about family other than to say i love my son and thank god everyone in my family is doing quite well. >> is he holding up? >> that's all i'm going to say. >> reporter: despite the indictment fattah received the endorsement of the democratic party of philadelphia, right now attorneys are sorting through 103,000 of fattah's e-mails, trying to determine which may be relevant for this case. reporting live at the federal court house, george spencer,
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"nbc 10 news." we have new information about this house collapse. we first told you about yesterday morning and the past minutes the commissioner of l and i reported that the building collapsed because of water damage to the house that came in through holes in the roof. some of the beams were completely corroded. you'll remember there were people inside at the time but they made it out safely. brazen home burglars are striking in the suburbs when entire families are sleeping inside. it's happened at least twice in king of prussia and police say the men were caught on home surveillance cameras wednesday morning. the thieves are stealing electronics, computers and credit cards even food from the refrigerator. residents say they are looking to get other security measures. >> i went around to all of the doors and bought new locks, new
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bolts, i have a can of pepper spray. >> police say the suspects also got away with a green 2010 hyundai elantra with plates hdy 8376. new video of a massive fire in port richmond. it's amazing no one was hurt. you can see them shooting from at least one car. they spread to a nearby building and all that black smoke could be seen for miles. >> we have new information about the search for a puppy killer. peta is offering $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who left a pit bull to die locked in this metal crate. you can see it was wrapped in plastic. the crate was discovered near welsh and blair mill roads, call police if you have information about this. new at 5:00, a call to stop a state takeover of the atlantic
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city police department. today a group of police chiefs happened in camden happen in ac. ]zuc you would see new faces every 5 to 6 months and you won't have the same bontds and connection with the community. >> proposed legislation would allow the state to take control of atlantic city's finances ." budget. policeoao a takeover would force layoffs and threat at any safety of residents. >> yesterday atlantic city's mayor and a bus full of residents took their opposition to a state stakeover directly to the state house. they testified before a senate budget committee that a financial rescue plan shouldn't strip the resort of its local governing power. >> in time for the great weather we've been loving lately, the newly rebuilt boardwalk is reopened. this is what it looked like during construction. workers completed the job six
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weeks early. city officials say the new decking is twice as thick as traditional planks. additional work in the fall including new pavilions. >> >> a deadline looms for colwynn borough. it might lose it's fire service provider. they hoped it would be resolved but it was not on the agenda. darby's fire company is blocks away but will suspend service next week if colwynn doesn't agree to pay its share of insurance costs. >> i was expecting a vote tonight on the agreement but it's not. so i mean we're pushing the envelope here. we meet next wednesday night at 7:30 and we have a decision to make too. >> earlier this week the borough saw its largest fire in recent years, more than 100 firefighters from around the area responded. if no agreement is reached with darby those fire companies from the surrounding areas will still service colwynn.
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the company has been inactive >> calling it especially bitter. the leader of local catholics react to the child abuse scandal linked to priests in pennsylvania. >> earlier the attorney general announced a grand jury report detailing the sexual abuse of hundreds of children by 50 priests. assigned to the diocese of altoona johnstown. two were identified in the report as allegedly covering up the abuse. in his online column the ar archbishop writes this brings back for so many. which learned its own lessons about child sexual abuse the hard way. he went on to say i am deeply sorry for all of the survivors endured, for the past failures of the church and for the role she has played in their suffering. the archdiocese began fighting abuse when it added $1.7 million for counseling, medication and supporting families to last
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year's budget. the church says more than 92,000 adults in the archdiocese have been trained to recognize and report child abuse. every year 100,000 children are educated about abuse. we have an important question for you now. are you sure about how you're getting to work on monday? we're asking because some rail riders in the area can't say yes to that question. new jersey transit workers are threatening to strike this weekend. we'll take you to the bargaining table. why ben carson is jumping on the donald trump bandwagon.
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breaking news. philadelphia police have just released this sketch of a man wanted for sexually assaulting a woman. investigators say he pulled the woman into the woods along ron street wednesday night, then covered her mouth with duct tape of and assaulted her. if you know anything about this crime. thousands of workers in our area might need a new way to get to work monday morning. >> new jersey transit workers plan to go on strike in over one day from now if they cannot reach a new deal. negotiations are happening now. >> if they can't reach a deal passenger who is ride the
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atlantic city rail line will be impacted and thousands who get on the train at trenton, hamilton and princeton junction. bro brian thompson gets us insight. >> reporter: if there was an ominous sign that metlife stadium crews were installing ticketing machines for the massive park and ride that was designated one of five such bus stations, the other four are scattered north to central jersey. motorists even those who do not drive into manhattan, warnings of 25 mile backups were scary. >> be stuck in traffic. more stuck in traffic. >> more than you are now. just to get from newark to clifton. >> yes. >> doesn't sound like fun. you could count taxi drivers among the crowd as well. you think they were hoping to clean up. you would be wrong. >> talking about traffic jams, 25 miles long. >> yes. >> you heard about that. >> i have.
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traffic, can't move. >> can you make money that way? >> no. you can't make money. >> reporter: all of which proof that the ripple effects from the trains off the rails would be felt throughout the region, not just on these riders. >> i might try to ride in with a buddy who parks in the city or maybe just see if i'll be lucky getting through on the path and go there earlier. >> for others plans were made. >> i am fortunate that i can work from home if i have to. it's not easy, a lot of people can't and i feel for them. >> reporter: every indication the talks have been intense but nj transit insists a deal can be worked out. >> there is enough on the table to do it today. we don't have to do the 4:00 in the morning thing. >> with all of the rhetoric of the past days there is enough evidence out there that would suggest but only suggest that there could be a resolution before the strike would begin on sunday. but we have to emphasize could
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be. no one knows for sure. check this out here. a small plane on the beach near kings park new york, the pilot and passenger doing okay after the cessna made the long island emergency landing there against the shore. not clear why the pilot was forced to land on the beach. this weekend french air accident investigators will release their final report on the germanwings crash that killed 150 including a mother and daughter from our area. emily and her mother yvonne were both killed. emily graduated from drexel and yvonne went to delaware county. initial reports suggest that the first officer may have deliberately crashed into a mountain side. she was quite vocal about reuniting with my father on the other side after her passing. i am hoping for god's peace of mind that she got her wish.
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>> remembering nancy reagan, loved ones came together for a final farewell of the former first lady. george w. bush and four first ladies among those who attended in simi valley, california. jinah kim has the story. >> i am the resurrection and the life said the lord. >> reporter: under a gray sky nancy reagan made her final journey surrounded by her closest family and friends, those who knew her best from the many roles that define her legacy from hollywood to washington, and perhaps the most important roles, mother and wife. >> there was the circle of their own private world as clear as if it had been traced around them. indestructible, impenetrable, an island for two. >> most importantly she will once again lay down beside the man who was the love of her life, the one she loved till the end of her days. >> spokespersons at the library
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said mrs. reagan herself planned the details of her funeral, who to invite, what music would be played, who would speak. ♪ amazing grace >> the service was pull of hymns, bible readings, and loving tributes. >> we gather here today to say good-bye to nancy davis reagan, a beautiful, smart, and gracious woman. >> all of the living first ladies were in attendance with the exception of 90-year-old barbara bush who was represent bid her son and daughter-in-law. reagan was 94 when she died sunday of congestive heart failure at her home in bell air. she told her daughter that she looked forward to being with her ronny again. she will now be laid to rest next to the love of her life, in their final resting place. jinah kim, nbc news, simi
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valley, california. >> a tribute flags are flying at half-sta half-staff. outside the federal court house in center city. president obama did not attend reagan's funeral because of a scheduled appearance at a tech festival in texas. he is appearing today, the first by a sitting us-o president. he is expected to talk about how his administration uses technology to improve people's lives. the president will also headline some democratic fund-raisers. not a bad day at all today and things look okay through most of the weekend. let's check the headlines and see what's happening. crisp and clear tonight, temperatures dropping a little bit. don't forget tomorrow we spring forward, the benefit of that is an extra hour of sunshine. and days getting longer through june. sloppy monday morning commute. the rain does begin to roll on
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in sunday evening and i think it's going to be a monday where the umbrellas are necessary. temperatures in the area now, look at the cool temperatures up in mount pocono, 48 degrees. 60 in allentown and quakertown. mid-60s to upper 60s even pushing to the shoreline. it's a nice afternoon. the trend is going the wrong way, unfortunately. but keep in mind we're still above average. the average high temperature this time of year should be at 51. look at that. 82 degrees. boy, was that great. 68 today, 67 tomorrow and 63 on sunday. we're back in the 70s next week. we'll talk about that in a minute. in the meantime, the radar sweep shows clear skies outside right now for the most part. a couple of clouds, higher levels put that's about all she wrote. no moisture to speak of. but, we are going to get some. that's going to push in our direction as we head to the end of the weekend and preceding that probably some cloud cover
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thickening things up as we head to saturday afternoon and sunday. 67 degrees should be the temperature tomorrow, on sunday i think we're fine for the parade, it's going to be on the cool side. during the evening hours dinnertime and after i think we're going to see some rain begin to overspread the area. the heavier stuff is reserved for monday. but the good news is as we head through the weekend this is a big headline, tonight sunset at 6:03. by the time we get to sunday after we spring ahead tomorrow night, we are going to see 7:05 for the sunset. not bad. unfortunately, sunday night to kick it off we're going to see rain work through. working through the area. probably around 5, 6:00 sunday evening. then monday morning for the commute look at that. it's going to be wet no matter where you go through the philadelphia area. and the delaware -- the delaware metro area as well as we head into newark and dover and into that region. now, taking a look at monday afternoon we begin to clear out.
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the rain begins to push out of the way. and your seven-day forecast looks as follow. we cool. a little raw on monday. warming up tuesday, and then as we head into wednesday, look at that. back to 73 degrees and st. patrick's day 68. sun and clouds but dry. that's a quick look at your weather picture. back to both of you at the desk. >> good sleeping weather on that monday. we'll be tired from changing our clocks. open the windows. we all make typos now and then and sometimes they can cause problems. but the exact opposite happen forward one foreign bank, how a spelling mistake saved a nearly $1 billion. first, singing their hearts out some kids, singing throwback tunes to show they got talent. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs
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since the great recession - a good start. but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington, while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security - it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go
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broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn. some local students got their groove on trying to outdo each other in a singing contest. listen. ♪ middle and high school students at the overbrook school for the blind competed in the talent show. the students were visually impaired sang 90s throwback
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tunes. ♪ >> teachers turned into judges to pick the favorite performances. take a right turn now. following breaking news in decision 2016. >> we'll tell you about a ruling about who can vote in the all important swing state of ohio. >> this is a video -- this is at the heart of a federal lawsuit targeting state police. i'm going to have the latest coming up next.
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new at 5:00, this exclusive video obtained by the nbc 10 investigators now at the center of a civil lawsuit filed in federal court. >> the case police watching an alleged burglary take zq investigator harry hairston first told us about this months ago. >> here's what's ó%leç>happeni. this is a copy-áh lawsuit. it's seeking more than $150,000 in damages, and it accuses police of illegal conduct. a home surveillance camera captures the action and inaction images of the owner says proves her house was burglarized with the help of state police. >> the belongings that were taken from my home with the help of the state police, it was ridiculous. it was really ridiculous. >> she filed a criminal
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complaint after watching her security video from june 28 of 2015. >> when i saw that video i was stunned, frankly. >> mike is her attorney. >> explain to me a, why these people weren't charged. >> police say the incident is still under investigation. so they filed this civil lawsuit. it alleges her former daughter-in-law and her daughter-in-law's cousin broke in, stole thousands of dollars of items including jewelry and clothes, and accused state police seen on the video entering the home with illegal search and seizure and assisting in a theft. the nbc 10 investigators have asked for police reports and policy, cops denied our request. state police also refused to comment about the lawsuit. but malloy believes the lawsuit will eventually get answers. >> i should get the police reports, the internal affairs reports, the state police manual how to happenedle these
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proceedings. >> she believes the bitter divorce between her son and former daughter-in-law played a part. the attorney for the former daughter-in-law tells us his client has done nothing wrong and he will clear his client's quote good name. she hopes the lawsuit will give her closure. >> i would like to see justice, you know. served in this case. >> and i want to tell you the defendants have 30 days from the time they are served to respond íyfcop of ìáhp &hc% harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you.÷-q. driver from m county is accused of e-mailing [5(pr(t&háhp &hc for nearly two years. investigators sayg!. christophe walsh e-mailed the images back and forth sometimes with himself in the pictures. in one e-mail exchange he allegedly wrote that he hoped he'd get the photographs and quote play with some of the children that he was baby-sitting.
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investigators say one of the young victims was a child whom walsh met on a school trip. nbc 10 is making calls to find out which school districts walsh worked for. switching gears, light jacket, sweater, kept walkers warm in center city today. >> it was a perfect day for outdoor lunch in center city. the skating rink gone. >> look at this too. a pic of the shore. cape may. can't see too many people out there. in fact, there are two people walking the beach. >> before long we know it's going to be packed. dave price is filling in for us tonight as our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is still -- i don't know where under the weather came from but that's where glenn is. >> it works in a toss to dave. this weekend's going to be a little cooler. we're in the 60s though. >> we are, in fact, we're retaining a fair amount of heat
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nouf. that is the good news. 68 in wilmington, 63 in reading, 67 in center city. and millville at 67 degrees as well. 64 degrees as we head to new egypt. temperature as we head through the next several hours is going to dip on down. we're going to wind up in the 40s before all is said and done. wind speeds are going to die down. that's good news as they continue to fight those brush fires. but as we head into tomorrow, i think we see some clouds coming our direction. i'll step out of the way so you can look at what the temperature and wind speeds are like at about midnight. keep in mind we have a cooler weekend and as we head into next week, we're talking about the possibility of rain working in our direction. that's a quick look at your weather picture. breaking news right now. in decision 2016 coverage, an swing state's primary. they allow 17-year-olds who will
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be 18 before the general election to vote tuesday with limits. the state's republican elections chief contested that ohio rules don't allow those teens to vote. ohio holds its primary for both parties tuesday with winner take all delegates for the republicans. we buried the hatchet that was political stuff. and you know, that happens in american politics. >> in decision 2016 unexpected endorsement. former republican presidential candidate ben carson endorsed donald trump. the retired neurosurgeon made the announcement this morning at trump's resort in palm beach, florida. as trump picks up endorsements his rivals are trying to stop him. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling for the african-american vote that will likely turn the tide. brian mooar reports.
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>> reporter: ben carson quit the race for lack of support. he is getting behind donald trump. >> it's not about mr. trump. it's about america. >> reporter: he is the latest political star realigning ahead of next week's big primaries in ohio and florida. ted cruz back bid carly fiorina trying to consolidate the stop trump vote. >> join our team. come on in. the water's fine. >> reporter: marco rubio is in danger of sinking. >> in florida i'm the only one that can beat donald trump. >> reporter: in ohio rubio suggesting helping john kasich. the front-runner's debate last night -- >> unify. be smart and unify. >> reporter: was a stark contrast to this today. >> our country has to toughen up folks. we have to toughen up. >> reporter: he complained st. louis police were too gentle in ejecting protesters.
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supporters nearly came tono c s. they sent trump a letter saying they may not or they may seek his testimony but they say he has not yet responded. >> the years long battle over medical marijuana in
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pennsylvania may soon be over. on monday lawmakers could vote on a bill to legalize pot for medical use. pennsylvania governor tom wolf supports its passage calling medical marijuana a doctor recommended treatment. critics worry that the drug will be used for more than medical purposes or end up in the hands of high school students. the eagles keep on making moves and one quarterback is heading out of town as two new players get introduced today. we'll tefill you in. former phillies first baseman pete rose is becoming a hall of famer but it's not the kind of hall of fame you're thinking of. this price can't be right...
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that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant. at giant, prices are down. savings are up. in pennsylvania? second most famous groundhog
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i don't have enough fingers ben! ok gus, make a wish! that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! >> parts of the area are going green in the name of st. paddy's day. mayor dennis williams helped
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paint the lines green on king street today. tomorrow, hundreds march in the city's st. patrick's day parade. an important reminder for those celebrating. drive sober. last year police made 47 impaired driving arrests. in delaware, during st. patrick's day celebrations. more than half of all car deaths in 2015 were linked to driver impairment. drivers can expect increased check points starting this weekend. here's a surprise for you, hockey fans. the orange and black going green but not for long. the flyers will pull a green jersey over the pads. the flyers will wear a touch of green during pregame warm-ups when they take on the red wings tuesday, march 15 at the wells fargo center. get you to raise your eyebrows, pete rose finally getting the call to the hall. but it's not what you think.
5:41 pm
baseball's all time hits leader will be the first inductee into the national bobble head hall of fame. in case you wonder where that is, it's in milwaukee, wisconsin. rose was selected during a year-long contest, the 74-year-old was banned from major league baseball following a gambling scandal. speaking of sports, the eagles are sending one of their quarterbacks to the defending super bowl champions. john clark breaks down the deal sending mark sanchez out of philadelphia. hey, john. >> yeah, another big move from howie roseman. what the eagles save in money and what they get in return. >> and we're taking a look at a gorgeous friday evening in philadelphia. how long can we keep this nice weather, when's the rain get here and what's next week look like? we'll answer those questions coming up.
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we want to update you on breaking news we told you about. police say the driver of this van that crashed into a west philadelphia house was intentionally trying to hit people. you can see some of the people were upset and tried to damage that van. at least one person sitting on the stoop and the driver were injured. police are questioning a few people. so far they have not made arrests. after two seasons the cleveland browns have cut quarterback johnny manziel. his brief career marred by off the field issues, he spent 10 weeks in alcohol and drug rehab and is the subject now of a grand jury investigation into domestic assault cases. the former highsman trophy winner struggled on the field in 14 games.
5:45 pm
the eagles had a log jam at the quarterback position until today. >> many figured mark sanchez would meet the same fate. the birds had other fans. john clark joining us now with the details. >> this saves them money. roseman continues to dump salaries impressively. the eagles would have had to release sanchez but found a taker in the broncos who need a quarterback right now. the broncos aren't done looking for one to compete though. eagles trade sanchez for a conditional seventh round pick next year. the key is they save $4.5 million they can use on a player and position. the birds set at quarterback with sam bradford and chase daniel. today the eagles introduce two free agents, linebacker niguel bratham, one of three the new defensive coordinator jim schwartz coached in buffalo. how about the big man.
5:46 pm
6'5", 340 pounds coming up here, brandon brooks for the offensive line, going too play right guard. he loves eagle fans and the city already. he has a nice suit. >> i know it's the city of the firsts. the first bank, first stuff like that. and then i know well, from what i heard, it's like a smaller cleaner version of new york. >> i like that. it is a cleaner version. sixers news, another high draft pick is done. jahlil okafor is going to have surge and hear from bread brown. see you then. >> thank you. a hacker mistake saves money but not before the thief got away with listen to this, $80 million. banking officials say hackers misspelled the name of the nonprofit using an electronic transfer. that prompted the bank to stop the transaction, preventing the thieves from stealing nearly a billion dollars.
5:47 pm
>> dog whisperer caesar milan is defending himself. the famous dog trainer said he has used the same technique to help aggressive canines hundreds of times. a recent episode of his tv show called caesar 911 showed a dog chasing a pig and nipping its ear until it bled. the clip prompted a petition on and led authorities to milan. they took no further action. >> authorities have charged a new york woman for kidnapping two teens and holding them for nearly a year. the sisters were found wednesday. officials say 29-year-old amanda hellman kidnapped the 15 and 13-year-old from a school last april. hellman pleaded not guilty and is being held without bail. >> record setting rain has left parts of louisiana under water
5:48 pm
looking like a swamp. relief doesn't seem to be coming with more and more on the way. the flooding has swallowed roads, homes and businesses. thousands of people have evacuated. the governor's state of emergency. this wicked weather is blamed for at least five deaths across the south. residents say they are prepared for the worst. >> mother nature, want it to rain for four days, you know. it keeps up four more days we may as well build a boat. >> in louisiana national guard deployed about 400 people to help with water rescues across the state. dave price from our sister station in new york is here tracking our weather tonight. some rain chances for the weekend. >> we're going to get a little bit of the moisture as it works to the northeast. for the time being, we still are enjoying beautiful weather. let's walk over to the weather wall. take a look at our headline for the evening. nice night ahead. sure, it's going to be a little
5:49 pm
chilly. that's okay of it saturday, the better day of the two weekend days. and of course as we mentioned we are tracking some showers for monday. it looks like the monday morning commute's going to be not pretty and then we'll see that rain begin to push out through the latter portion of the day. 59 degrees right now in blue bell, hazelton 50, 61 coatesville, 67 dover. temperatures holding on to the upper 60s as you head to the south. mid-60s as we head to places like new egypt and trenton. right in center city at 67. we widen out the picture, this is where the real warmth is. staying to our south and our west. it was nice while it lasted but we don't have it any more. we saw temperatures drop as this cold front pushed through and as we head through tonight we're going to be near the freezing mark in allentown. philly only getting to 40 degrees, that's going to be our low. 48 in cape may, 44 in atlantic city. and as we hit to toms river at 43. now, as we head through the
5:50 pm
weekend, we are going to be cooler. temperatures only getting into the 60s, and you can see we have advancing moisture beginning to push through and a low-pressure system which is going to ride on the stationary front right into our back yard. so sunday and monday are better chances of rain, certainly on monday and sunday i think during the latter portion of the day could see a possibility of a drop or two during the parade. we'll put that at about 20%. hour by hour we look at it you can see the clouds in advance of the moisture sunday morning early. as we head to about the noon time hour. it is pushing through from the south and west. wilmington, you could see rain as we head into the lunch time hour. and then as we head to 5:00 p.m. that's when the honor and off showers begin and the cloud cover stays with us. monday, 6:00 a.m. for the commute we see moderate rain pushing through the area. then before all is said and done, 1:00 on the soggy side
5:51 pm
still seeing lighter precip. then during the afternoon hours that pushes out of the way. keep the umbrella handy. clear and colder tonight. 40 in the city, 34 to the north and western suburbs. sun rise tomorrow at 6:0018. and don't forget move the clock forward tomorrow night. 64 to 67, that's the range. clouds increase during the afternoon. and as far as tomorrow's high, we are going to be in the mid to upper 60s throughout the area, and as you will ed to the north we could see a couple of cooler temperatures in the higher elevatio elevations. that's about all. your seven-day forecast looks like this. again, we see an extra hour of daylight sunday. monday looks soggy, tuesday, temperatures rebound and wednesday 73 degrees. that is nice. that's a quick look at your forecast. make it a great weekend. back to you. >> thank you. lester holt joining us from california covering the funeral for nancy reagan. >> from the reagan library,
5:52 pm
we'll have highlights of today's funeral for nancy reagan, the luminariys who attended and what her children shared. from the south rescue after rescue in the face of more severe flooding, full coverage of the situation there, and what is the tsa going to do about the long and growing airport security lines? we take a closer look when we see you back here at 6:30 for nightly news. back to you. >> we'll look forward to that and more. thank you. see you at 6:30. if a water main breaks in your neighborhood and water comes gushing into your home who do you call for snep. >> people in this neighborhood, they are still in need months after a break soaked their homes. we pressed philadelphia officials why it takes so long to get help. the answers are next. >> coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 6: 6:00, brush meets road in one local spot it means something big is about to go down. >> peop
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
say they are desperate for help after a water main break soaked their homes back in december. nbc 10's pamela osborne spent the day making calls to see if the city is responsible for the cleanup. she is live in west philadelphia. what have you learned? >> reporter: we are on 52nd street, a year ago this entire area was flooded with water.
5:56 pm
we've seen homes still boarded up because of that. as you mentioned we did check in with some people who live in northeast philly who say a broken main flooded their basement. >> it was scary. i never experienced anything like it. i mean, two feet of water in my basement. >> reporter: karen says that water main ruptured in december, flooding her basement and she is still trying to make sense of it now. >> it's like what they say the hits the fan. >> she and neighbors are dealing with the mess. the cleanup is done but repairs have stopped. he tells me he is waiting on a check he claims the city said they'd write to continue. >> look at my block. >> reporter: nbc 10 is looking into the city's old pipes for the past two years. you may remember this massive break on 52nd last june. >> all of this was full of water to the top.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: a council woman tells me about a dozen people here have yet to be made whole. she is pushing for legislation that would require city workers to respond to emergencies like these within a 24-hour time period. she says it would benefit residents all across the city who experience losses because of breaks like these. our investigative team learned it would cost the city 5 to $6 billion to replace the pipe that run through neighborhood likes karen's and yours. we did receive late word from the city on lang don. they say that the december 14th water main break there is still being investigated but that they are speeding up the processing of those claims and again, people here still waiting for answers as well. reporting live, pamela osborne for "nbc 10 news." coming up next. >> the clock is ticking before the weekend is out.
5:58 pm
trains could stop rolling. we're live to look at what that would mean for tens of thousands of commuters.
5:59 pm
here at 6:00, we begin with a developing story. passengers preparing for potential transit strike that would affect tens of thousands of people in our area. >> i'm feeling like i'm not sure
6:00 pm
how i would get to school. >> it's a lot more expensive to take amtrak. >> new jersey transit workers set to walk off the job first thing sunday if no deal is reached. that's just a day and six hours from now. commuters are bracing for the worst as they work to hammer out an agreement. >> a strike would have a major impact on our area more than 100,000 commuters use new jersey transit to get into new york city. many of them originating from the stations at trenton, hamilton and princeton. a look at 30th street station, new jersey transit's atlantic city line runs between here and ac, that might not be the case sunday. cydney long is tracking developments. >> do commuters have hope? >> reporter: i can tell you some are optimistic crossing fingers that both sides come to an agreement. others nervous though, they say the sheer volume of commuters that rely on t


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